Do You Have Enough Staff For The New PDGM Model?

As CMS prepares to roll out the proposed Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) in 2020, a big component of the new rule, namely the shift from a 60 day to a 30 day episode, should have most Home Health Care agencies (HHAs) asking themselves, “How am I going to manage the same workload in half the normal time?” and, “Do we have enough folks on staff?”

How PDGM impacts your staffing plans

With the proposed changes, gone are the 60 day episodes and the standard 4 days or fewer Low Utilization Payment Adjustment (LUPA). In their place will be a new 30 day episode, and LUPAs will be determined by a combination of factors, creating a mix of 216 unique PDGM payment groupings. These 216 groups will have their own LUPA standard with a range of 2-6 visits that must be completed within the 30 day episode. And that change of 6 visits within a 30 day period that should be a call to action for HHAs.

Why you should be concerned about your staffing needs, today!

Most HHAs have built their current business processes and procedures to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of the 60 day episode model. Unfortunately, most of these processes and procedures, including billing, revenue, and clinician staffing models, that will need to be overhauled, if not completely redesigned, because of the new 30 day episode and LUPA model will force new patient requirements.

These changes mean that your administrative staff, which currently has 60 days to submit paperwork for payment, will now have a much shorter window in which to complete their paperwork, and will likely need to be even more proactive in collecting and processing paperwork. Administration staff will no longer has the luxury of waiting a couple of days for paperwork to be turned into the office. In order to maintain staffing costs and continue to grow their bottom line, HHA’s will need the efficiencies found in automated scheduling and real time reporting data that VisCare provides.

How Viscare Can Help

While the new home healthcare rules will likely be a big benefit to patients, PDGM could eliminate those businesses who have not prepared themselves for the upcoming staffing and business process changes. Inefficient business practices like keeping track of schedules on a white board, unresolved missed appointments, and chasing after people with one phone call after another will stop your cash flow, lose you money, and chase away your staff.

At Viscare, we are helping our customers, the home healthcare providers, fight against lost revenue and inefficient processes. With our “Agency Aid” software and “Clinician App” we are able to provide our customers with a level of automation so that clinicians are seamlessly directed to the right patient, where records and events are captured in real time. This automation practically eliminates missed appointments, handwritten schedules, missed phone calls, and missed revenue.

Why not contact us today and let’s discuss how Viscare can help you efficiently staff your business, protect your revenue, and grow your business. You can contact us by email at: sales@viscare.com[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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