Is your home health agency seeking solutions to assist operationally within this changing environment?

Headed into 2020, home health agencies are experiencing many changes when it comes to the payor environment. With the Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) going into effect on January 1, 2020 and the continuous growth of managed care, agencies are preparing different solutions on how to operate with these changes. 

Is your home health agency seeking solutions to assist operationally within this changing environment?

We explain how using the right tools will help agencies stay organized and maximize reimbursement throughout this change.

What Can Agencies Do to Prepare For Changes in the Payor Environment?

The best course of action for preparing for and finding success during this time is to be organized and efficient in business operations.

This means having the right tools and resources on board that keep an agency organized with scheduling, communication and overall management. This is where Viscare comes in. 

Viscare, which provides comprehensive clinician scheduling and management tools to home healthcare agencies, is focused on real-time reporting and communication so agencies know, at all times, what’s going on with their patients. Agencies using Viscare have the technology they need to operate more efficiently and accurately. With the changes in the home health industry, agencies will demand more organization than ever before. But agencies using Viscare will have an upper hand.

How Flexible Staffing Models can Assist with the Change in Payor Environments

With the continuous growth of managed care and reimbursement changes of PDGM, agencies are seeking ways to maximize their reimbursement. Allowing for a staffing model that creates efficiency, maximizes productivity and decreases missed visits thus leading to a favorable return on investment. 

Viscare, as a tool within your home health agency, has the ability with its patented staffing technology to staff the correct clinician to the case. This leads to greater patient satisfaction and, with Viscare’s real-time communication, it allows your staff (both back office and field staff) to be efficient and streamlined. 

“Home healthcare tends to be a very reactive environment,” said Erin Lindsay, business development director with Viscare. “Using Viscare as an agency, it’s simple for the clinician to tell you the information, and you can streamline your workflow as a home health scheduler, with real-time visibility,” Lindsay said. “This gives your agency more time to focus on the items that will be important for changes ahead with payor sources.”

Shifting Focus From Volume to Value

Beyond using Viscare, it’s important to understand about how the changes will affect home health agencies from a volume standpoint.

With the changes in payor environment it shifts the home healthcare philosophy from volume to value. Changes in the new system include how agencies define, report and deliver care, plus how agencies are reimbursed for their services. Value-based care will likely include fewer patient visits. The focus will shift to providing the appropriate level of care to maximize patient function. This will require accurate, comprehensive and detailed assessments of each patient, so the correct amount of care is given and the agency receives full reimbursement. Most agencies are working with consultants to best understand and adapt to these changes. Consultants agree that excellent tools and resources, plus accuracy and organization in billing and scheduling, are key.

An Overview of Viscare Home Health Agency Software

Throughout this article, we’ve mentioned Viscare a lot. That’s because it can help greatly for home health agencies dealing with the stress of PDGM requirements. Here’s a more complete look at what Viscare can do. 

Viscare scheduling and management tools bring a variety of benefits to agencies, all of which will assist in the PDGM transition. Viscare features include:

  • Making agency operations more organized and streamlined
  • Creating efficiencies that lower cost per visit
  • Automating and increasing productivity
  • Tracking and reporting missed visits in real time
  • Decreasing missed visits
  • Providing tools to keep staff satisfied
  • Ultimately increasing patient satisfaction because of an organized, professional environment

Questions on the changes headed into 2020?

We certainly understand. Viscare is more than just a software. We have a dedicated support staff consisting of staff members who have decades of industry knowledge, experience and expertise. Our friendly team would be happy to help agencies make sure they’re using their tools to the very best of their capacity, so they can head into 2020 with confidence. 

Contact Viscare today to visit with a specialist to make sure you’re using your Viscare tools to their full potential.


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