Home health care worker helping elderly patient with walker.

The U.S. population is shifting, and home healthcare agencies will be seeking resources and tools to employ enough clinicians and keep them organized and efficient.

For the first time in history, there will soon be more adults over 65 than there will be young people. In fact, every 8 seconds, someone in America turns 65 years old. This is causing widespread ramifications on the healthcare industry, particularly home healthcare. As the numbers continue to skew, home healthcare is becoming more and more in demand. But will there be enough clinicians to handle the increase in patients? The answer involves job satisfaction.

The Demand for Home Health Clinicians

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics the demand for home health clinicians is projected to grow 36 percent by 2028. While an increase like this could typically be viewed positively, home health employment opportunities are very labor-intensive and are regulated by strong state and federal payment regulations. Therefore, burnout and turnover can be high. 

With more people needing home healthcare, staffing shortages aren’t an option for agencies. So home healthcare clinician jobs need to be attractive and sought after. This demand will drive home health companies to find jobs beyond their traditional recruiting methods. They will be looking at staffing agencies. To attract good clinicians, agencies need to have good tools in place to make their jobs enjoyable, organized and easy.

Viscare is making home healthcare workers’ jobs easier by offering tools for them to communicate and work more efficiently, and providing home health agencies with streamlined tools for their reporting.  

Communication is Critical in Home Health Care

Fast, consistent and secure communication is vital in home health care, because there’s a patient at the center of everything, who deserves the best care and attention. If information isn’t relayed effectively, such as a deterioration of a patient’s wound, a fall or a change in a patient’s status, it can obviously affect patient care. 

A clinician’s day in home health can be chaotic. He or she is notified there’s a patient to see, then there’s the process of finding patient info, digging through records, calling back offices, going through the EMR… the process is not easy. In fact, it’s about as ineffective and time consuming as it could possibly be. 

Clinicians utilize a number of ways to keep up with this information, however not many are streamlined and/or truly secure. If they get a last-minute patient, they’ve got to be resourceful and find the patient’s phone number, address and medical information. This can be incredibly time consuming for a clinician. Thankfully, Viscare makes life easier for clinicians and agencies by covering all of these components in an organized, efficient way through the Viscare mobile application..

Viscare Helps With Vital Home Health Communications

The upcoming population change will not only be a challenge for clinicians but for home healthcare agencies attempting to keep up with the demand for services. One sure-fire way to prepare is by adopting innovative, cutting-edge technology. 

Among Viscare’s many available solutions for home health agencies, its software eliminates hunting for information, calling back offices, rummaging through personal notebooks and wasting precious time that could be spent with patients. Viscare’s mobile app provides clinicians with patients’ phone number, address and a map view of their location. So there’s no need to burden back-office staff. And all communication is kept safe and secure for reference and record keeping. 

Viscare’s back-office solution can help lower an agency’s cost per visit by ensuring clinicians remain efficient and at full productivity and by decreasing missed visits. A scheduler can handle more workload if her workflow is more efficient and streamlined, managing staff to the tasks they’re suited for and that are appropriate to their pay scale. 

Efficiency is Key in Home Healthcare

Most home health agencies are using multiple tools to get their jobs done and still struggling with inefficiency. But why? Viscare streamlines agencies by creating a workflow that makes clinicians and back-office staff more productive. Viscare can help with centralizing several agency tools for more efficiency and productivity. Agencies using Viscare tools are much more likely to keep good clinicians and attract new ones.

With the fast-evolving changes in home health demographics, agencies need to make their clinicians and other staff members more productive while always striving to better optimize how they use them. Let us know if you’d like to learn more about Viscare technologies.


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