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Viscare’s Innovative Technology Provides Real-Time Data and Communications for Home Healthcare.

Home healthcare is more in demand today than at any other time in history. Case in point: Every eight seconds, someone in the United States turns 65.

The efficient optimization of staff will become more and more vital as this demand continues to grow. Viscare helps home healthcare agencies meet patients’ needs while utilizing staff in the most efficient way to ensure profitability. 

Optimizing the Clinical Skill Mix

It’s essential to make the most efficient use of clinicians and use them to the top of their license. This means moving certain duties from clinicians to clinician assistants, if they are properly qualified, as this allows operators to take on more work with clinicians practicing at the top of their license. Agencies can increase profitability using lower-cost providers as well. Optimizing workflow by using the assistant pool allows agencies to save money while still providing excellent care to patients. 

Viscare’s algorithm is designed to staff businesses to the lowest-cost provider who is qualified to do the job well and meet the needs of the patient. This will guarantee that the right person is sent for the job while lowering agency costs. 

“Viscare helps agencies staff patients with the clinician that fits their needs, said Erin Lindsay, Business Development Director with Viscare. “The software factors in things such as clinicians’ specialties location and provider cost. Viscare is an automated solution to managing your clinicians.”

Communication is Key for Satisfied Patients and Clinicians 

When a new patient is called in, the physical therapist or nurse will make the initial visit and create the patient’s plan of care. From there, depending on the needs of the patient, lower-cost assistants can often come for follow-up visits. The clinician and assistant need to be in excellent communication, and Viscare’s communication tool is invaluable for this. The mobile app includes many vital pieces of information for clinicians and assistants to function efficiently, such as patient contact information and a chat feature for sharing information between clinician and assistant efficiently. “The Viscare app allow the clinicians and assistants to have information at their fingertips to enhance communication.”

And the feedback from clinicians who have used Viscare has been overwhelmingly positive. When clinicians are assigned patients that engage the best of their abilities, clinician satisfaction improves.Along with this, their time and effort are respected and rewarded through the features of the app. This is ideal for the patient, because he or she will receive the best care from the most appropriate provider while saving the agency money. 


Home healthcare is behind the times in terms of technology, and Viscare is offering an innovative solution that provides real-time data and crucial communications. The days of white boards, spiral notebooks and frantically digging through papers can be over. It’s time to streamline your staffing needs. Let Viscare help


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